Sunday, February 6, 2011

Philippe Kerlo Shoots Beauty Shots Through Plexiglass and Paint (Repost from Fstoppers)

Philippe Kerlo is a really creative beauty and fine art photographer based out of Paris France. Some people are dubbing his work as “extreme glamour” which might be a fitting title. I was truly inspired by his creative project of him shooting beauty portraits through plexiglass covered with paint, acrylic, wax, and other colored materials. The results are really stunning and the idea is so simple I thought I had to share it with everyone. Be sure to check out Philippe’s portfolio because his work has a lot of interesting angles like the photos shown here.

Here's the behind the scenes clip:


  1. Hi,

    Absolutely stunning. Great post! Btw, I saw your inspirational photoshoot from this on lily's fb, wonderful!

    Lily L.

  2. Thanks Lily! This photo shoot by Philippe definitely inspired me to try my own! Lily really did a great job with the make-up!