Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photo Shoot for "My Mark" Collection

2 weekends ago, I had a fun photo shoot for a dear friend Marie Ortega's My Mark collection, who designs unique and amazing dresses and tee shirt prints.
We had a very hard time trying to get a studio for the shoot so I decided to use a projector screen and white paper on the screen and let it drop down to the floor with the help of tape... a lot of them. Post Production was simple but took a long time because I had to clean up the transition from the projector screen to the paper but I think it went well :)

Model: Carol Wong

Model: Anastasia Adams

Model: Fatima Stuart

We went outside of our "studio" once we were done with all of the dresses and had some more fun shots. It was freezing cold outside so we had to be quick.

Here's the simple light set up from the photo above:
And of course, a quick photo of me and Marie!

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