Friday, October 15, 2010

Back To Blogging... Sorta

It's been a while since my last post of note on this page.
My second half of summer was a crazy with shoot after another. but ever since September, I had to get back to classes and haven't had the time to follow up on my blogging.

So this is one of the shoots I did before my summer ended. The concept of the shoot was to portray a vampire differently from the way the media is portraying them ;) We had to make a school auditorium look like a movie theatre. so what could look more like a movie theatre than having the female model with a soda drink! To add a bit of gore into the shoot, I prepared some fake blood. There were many ways to make the fake blood but what was more important for me was it should be edible, since it's going to be in my male model's mouth. Along with awesome make up by Lily Yang my models Kai Shaw & Taylor Arif were fantastic in portraying an image I had in my head.

Along with awesome help from Danyar from Danyar Studios, we starting shooting some frames! Here's some behind the scenes:

And here are some of the finished frames:

Here's a behind the scene video made by Danyar from Danyar Studios

BTS of Vampire photo shoot with Gsper Kay from dan yar on Vimeo.

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